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Skycraft Collaborative helps the Inland Empire Museum of Art update their brand and better connect with their community.



Skycraft Collaborative was commissioned to update a dated IEMA brand: No defined brand attributes, lack of consistency and clarity of brand messaging. Audience engagement reached a plateau. Looking to attract a younger audience. Looking to attract more funding from new corporate partners.



We analyzed top museums to uncover insights and opportunities. We realized that there was no clear and actionable vision and mission that could be tied to internal and external communications. We saw it necessary to Creative Direct all future branded initiatives to ensure consistent and clear messaging. This led to the crafting of an in-depth Brand Identity, and we strategically designed branded collateral and promotionals to deliver the brand experience at all interaction touchpoints, and consulted on Marketing Strategies. This is an ongoing project.



Inland Empire Museum of Art has greatly increased its awareness and engagement and is now better recognized by its target audience as an institution they need to connect with and support. Event attendance and social media interactions have increased by 50% since Skycraft has been involved and partnership interest has spiked.



Skycraft Collaborative helped create and launch the Escabeche brand and surpassed all expectations.



Skycraft Collaborative was hired to solve complex business problems:  Business concept not differentiated from competition. Make profitable and sustainable in saturated market. Work with current bad location. Craft franchisable brand. Attract VC’s.



We analyzed the market landscape to uncover insights and opportunities. We re-framed the problem and thru our PEAK Methodology we guided the founders in crafting their Vision, Mission and Positioning Statements to define a clear strategic direction. We crafted a highly differentiated Value Proposition, an inspiring Brand Idea, defined the proper Brand Attributes, and helped with on-brand ideation for Naming and the Brandline, defined the appropriate Marketing Mix, crafted an in-depth Brand Identity, and defined the necessary Brand Architecture. We also consulted on Marketing Strategies, strategically designed and printed all branded collateral and promotional materials, defined Brand Standards for consistent delivery of the brand experience at all interaction touchpoints, crafted on-brand interior design and decor, and identified KPI’s to measure. This virtually eliminated the competition by elevating Escabeche to an entierly different category than its competitors, a fast-casual establishment offering unusually fresh, light, guilt-free, and socially responsible artisanal mexican food in a modern contemporary atmosphere + the option to have catering.


Results  Customers fell in love

Escabeche Mexican Grill quickly became a loved brand, so much so that the poor location became a non-issue, earning a consistent 4.5 of 5 star Yelp rating. All initial sales projections were surpassed, a loyal following was built that was eager to regularly give their patronage and within 2 years multiple locations were opened in Southern California. They were soon positively highlighted on TV by professional food critics on PBS’s “Let’s Dine Out”, in the newspaper, highlighted in the blogosphere, and also nominated Best in Class in MyFoxLA’s HotList for Best Mexican Restaurant in the Los Angeles area. Investor support came in shortly after launching, and after nearly 5 years of success the company pivoted to grow the catering side of the business, and still today focuses on catering celebrities in the music and film industry, with continued praises.


Skycraft Collaborative partnered with Wacom to help build brand awareness & engagement in a new niche market.



New multi-national market. Looking to increase their female audience. Build rapport with new audience segment to encourage online participation & engagement and to create new potential customers. Uncover audience needs and pain points. Teach a 10-week workshop while organically demonstrating the Wacom product’s value. Develop 10-week workshop plan and client deliverables. Plan, write and illustrate a new children’s book, from start to finish, within 10 weeks.



Skycraft created an initial content marketing strategy consisting of live workshops and Q&A sessions revolving around particular topics. We conducted some customer research to confirm the need then analyzed to find out which would be most effective social media channels for the new audience. We organically promoted the content via the chosen channels and also on Wacom’s Youtube channel. Over 10 weeks we engaged in live workshops and Q&A sessions, via Google Hangouts, with new audience to uncover new insights and opportunities. We tracked activity analytics to reveal primary international markets to target and to identify potential new markets and audiences. We started regular conversations with the audience (via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) in their own mother-tongue, and built rapport and buy-in. We strategically used “product placement” along with organic conversation to demonstrate Wacom product value.



Audience traffic and engagements surpassed all initial expectations, nearly 100,000 views within 6 months. Audience needs and pain points were uncovered. The audience made repeated requests for Skycraft to create more content with Wacom so as to continue engaging. Audience connected strongly with Skycraft, both as individuals and as a company, and with Wacom’s co-created content, verifying the effectiveness of the content strategy. After praises from Wacom for a job very well done on the first 10-week workshop, announcements were made to the audience of upcoming partnerships with Skycraft, and we are now regular partners with Wacom.

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